Anti-stress program

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                  Description:  Program that contributes to reduce the accumulated stress levels in the body and allows eliminating fatigue, insomnia, anxiety or irritability to obtain a beneficial and pleasant state of relaxation.

                  2 hours on the first day and 30 minutes for three days.

                  hotels in tourist areas, wellness and quality of life centers.


                  • Consultation and advising with quality of life experts (30 minutes).

                  • Yoga or Taichi sessions at the shore or with ocean view, oriented to the relaxation of body and mind (15 minutes).

                  • Relaxing full body massages. Accompaniment of musical rhythms and aromas according to the client's preference (40 minutes).

                  • Relaxation sessions (30 min).


                  • Reducing stress and increasing the relaxing state.

                  • Reducing pain, inflammation and tension of the body musculature.

                  • Improving blood and lymphatic circulation, energy and alertness.

                  • Providing a non-invasive, pleasant, safe and healthy relaxing experience that stimulates the body in its healing process.