Healthy Spine Program with Laserpuncture

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                  Description: This program combines body harmonizing massages with natural products and laserpuncture to achieve relief and relaxation of the spine paravertebral musculature, contributing to the improvement of your quality of life.

                  one hour on the first day and 40 mins on the next three days.

                  hotels in tourist areas, wellness and quality of life centers.


                  • Consultation with Quality of life experts (30 minutes). 

                  • Harmonizing massage with daily natural products, accompanied by musical rhythms and aromas according to the client's preference (30 minutes).

                  • Laserpuncture in that region (10 minutes). 


                  • Reducing stress and increases the relaxing state.
                  • Reducing pain, inflammation and tension of the paravertebral muscles.
                  • Improving blood and lymphatic circulation, energy and alertness.
                  • Providing a non-invasive, pleasant, safe and healthy relaxing experience that stimulates the body healing process.