Relaxed Body Program

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                  Description: A program that uses full body massages, linked to laserpuncture and relaxation sessions that will reduce stress and increase relaxation, a sense of well-being to improve your quality of life.

                  Duration: One and a half hour on the 1st day and one hour on the next six days.

                  Venue: hotels in tourist areas, wellness and quality of life centers. 


                  • Consultation with quality of life experts, conclusions and recommendations (30 minutes). 

                  • Laserpuncture by regions (10 minutes).

                  • Relaxing full body massage. Accompaniment of musical rhythms and aromas to the client's preference (40 minutes).

                  • Relaxing session (10 minutes).


                  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression.

                  • Improving mood and aerobic capacity.

                  • Increasing energy and endurance.

                  • Improving flexibility, balance and agility.

                  • Increasing strength and muscle definition.