Physical Cognitive Stimulation Program for Children

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                    Description: This program is designed to maintain an optimal physical condition and adequate cognitive processes of attention, concentration and memory, necessary for children's learning.

                    three hours the first day and two hours a day the rest five days.

                    hotels in the country tourist areas and wellness and quality of life centers.

                    • Cognitive assessment (Spanish and English) (30 minutes).

                    • Exercises at the shore or with ocean view for physical strengthening, guided by a sports medicine professional (40 minutes).

                    • Games to develop socialization and cognitive activity (30 minutes).

                    • Development of singing and dancing skills (40 minutes).


                    • Improving the physical and mental balance of children.

                    • Contributing to stimulate language, verbal expression, vocabulary and reading comprehension, in addition to increasing creativity. 

                    • Developing singing and dancing skills.