Ayurveda medicine program (2 nigths and 3 days)

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                    Description: Health program based on Ayurveda Medicine, "Science of Life", which creates a state of disease absence, achieving the harmony of the individual with the surrounding environment. Its therapies allow maintaining or reestablishing the body biological energies balance, favoring rejuvenation.

                    2 nights and 3 days.

                    International Health Center La Pradera


                    • Individual evaluation by traditional medicine professionals with therapeutic indications and recommendations upon arrival at the Center.
                      Application of therapies:
                      - three sessions of Abhyanga massage (can be of different types)
                      - three sessions of steam baths (Vashpa Sweda).
                      - two meditation and/or Yoga sessions.

                    • Ayurvedic food (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

                    • Accommodation in a single room in AP Plan.

                    • Note: The client must have additional financial resources to cover other expenses such as payment of telephone service, laundry, airline tickets change of date, visa updates, cabs and shopping.


                    • Ayurvedic medicine helps to cope with pain and stress caused by high workloads.

                    • It promotes relaxation in a pleasant environment with its particular nutritional vision, the skillful use of medicinal plants and holistic practices.

                    • Specific Ayurvedic treatments act against multiple conditions and offers lifestyle changes to counteract physical tiredness, chronic headaches, anxiety, etc.

                    • It helps to enrich and nourish the skin.

                    • Improving blood circulation, increases mental clarity and eliminates tension.

                    • Helping people live longer in a healthy and balanced way.