Relaxation and Mental Health Program 

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                  Description: is a program that combines physical activity with the emotional sphere and offers tools for mental balance and self-care.
                  Duration: one hour and 30 minutes the first day and one hour the rest of the days, for five days.
                  Venue: hotels in tourist poles, wellness and quality of life centers.


                  • Quality of Life and Wellness counseling consultation (30 minutes).

                  • Taichi or Yoga session at the shore or with sea view, oriented to body and mind relaxation (15 min).

                  • Dance therapy with Cuban dance rhythms (30 minutes).

                  • Relaxation session (10 minutes).

                  • Relaxing body massage (40 minutes). 

                  • Relaxing facial massage (10 minutes).


                  • Reducing stress and increasing relaxation.

                  • Improving mood and aerobic capacity.

                  • Increasing energy and stamina.

                  • Helping facilitate blood circulation and skin tone.

                  • Promoting the draining of fluids, toxins and fat elimination.

                  • Combating overweight, obesity and high cholesterol levels.

                  • Increasing blood flow, activating the lymphatic drainage of the face to eliminate wastes and toxins and keep the skin fresh and clean.