Medical services abroad

On May 21, 1963, Cuba officially started international medical collaboration in Algeria. Today, there are more than 407,000 health professionals and technicians, including 183,338 physicians, who have fulfilled the honorable mission of saving lives and improving health indicators in 164 countries.

In the contemporary world, the commercialization of health services has become an important factor of economic development for several countries. Exports of health services in Cuba are based on the national public health system, which depends on its infrastructure, mainly its qualified personnel. The Cuban National Health System has reached a degree of development in its human resources that allows it to maintain the people's health levels, comply with solidarity commitments and offer the commercialization of medical and health services.

A rise in the cost of health services in developed countries is an opportunity for developing countries to serve people seeking medical treatment of excellent quality at a more accessible price. The prestige and international interest in Cuban medicine is evident in the world, allowing all actions aimed at developing the export of health services, whether by governmental agreements or private entities, to obtain positive results.  

In the modality of exporting health professionals, priority is given to services that combine medical, nursing, health technology and technical professionals.

Personnel can be exported either in groups of up to three years or by sending itinerant teams from different branches of medicine according to the client's demand.

Packages combined with products from Cuban companies are included, for which alliances have been established between different entities and organizations: Biocubafarma, Labiofam, Inversiones Gamma and MINDUS.

Furthermore, consultancy services are provided for the design, construction, equipment, assembly and start-up of health care and teaching facilities, repair and maintenance of medical equipment, consultancy for the operation of specialized health care transport and consultancy in the management of health care, research and teaching services.

In 2020, the world faced an unprecedented global health, social and economic emergency due to the HIV/AIDS-19 pandemic. The International Contingent of Doctors specialized in disaster situations and serious epidemics "Henry Reeve", created by Fidel, imbued more prestige to the collaboration in this field.

Created on September 19, 2005, the Henry Reeve Contingent has been present in more than twenty nations and has provided medical assistance to more than 3.5 million people and saved more than 80 thousand lives.