Highly specialized clinics  

International health centers 

This opportunity for foreign investment aims to develop health center complexes in three villages specialized in the treatment of addictions, located in beautiful sites in eastern Cuba, where a Comprehensive Program for the Treatment of Addictive Disorders has been implemented for 27 years with excellent results in more than 6 thousand patients and their families from 42 countries. The Program is carried out by a multidisciplinary team, and is distinguished by the integrality of clinical, individual and group psychotherapeutic and rehabilitation attention, with the participation of the affected person's family members.

Villa Cocal-Quinqué
It is a tourist complex located in the province of Holguín and consists of two villas: Villa "El Quinqué" and Villa "El Cocal". These are hotel facilities with a category similar to three stars, with a hospitalization capacity in El Cocal of 26 and 32 beds respectively.
Villa El Yarey

It is an International Health Center located in the rural area of eastern Cuba in the province of Granma, with a constructive and decorative style of traditional peasant houses, ideal for those who wish to be in contact with nature, with a hospitalization capacity of 28 beds and a two-star hotel category.
Villa Colibrí
It is an International Health Center located in a natural environment in the province of Santiago de Cuba, in the Baconao Park, 35 km from the capital of the territory. Conceived as a center dedicated to treat patients with addictions in a safe and private environment.    

              International Assisted Reproduction Clinic

              This investment opportunity aims to develop a clinic specialized in assisted reproduction with high quality, reliable and price-competitive services in relation to the region.

              In these projects, investors interested in developing any of the foreign investment modalities would provide: financing, construction or improvement of infrastructure, equipment, consumables and consumable materials, medicines and reagents, training and development of specialists, market, technology transfer, state-of-the-art treatments with international quality standards and administration of the facility.

              The Cuban party would provide: surface right or usufruct of the real estate, specialized human capital, guarantee of continuity of care and coordination with the National Health System, protocols and know-how, license to use Cuba's medical tourism brand, authorization for foreign professionals to practice their profession and part of the market.