Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos (CSMC, S.A.) is the company in charge of commercializing health and academic medical services throughout the national territory and abroad, in order to contribute to the sustainability of the Cuban National Health System, public and free for all its citizens, while contributing to Universal Health, in permanent commitment and bet for life.

Based on international experience, the prestige of Cuban medicine and supported by the strength of the National Health System, our services are the expression of all the science of a country focused and committed to the human being and the vast experience of its professionals; doctors with high expertise, warmth, sensitivity, qualified to transform knowledge and technology into health, and with the ability to heal with the words of knowledge and the accuracy of their actions.

To solve the health conditions of those who decide to travel to Cuba and contribute to the improvement of their quality of life and well-being, we articulate the potential of the largest of the Antilles, expressed in a wide network of institutions throughout the nation, strengthened by the scientific, biopharmaceutical and tourism development of an entire country in function of the human being.

In coordination with a network of 13 medical universities distributed throughout the country, we have trained more than 40,000 health professionals from 149 countries in undergraduate modalities, medicine, stomatology, nursing, health technology and also postgraduate courses in more than 40 specialties, in a safe environment and in a constant link between theory and practice.

In times when the commercialization of health services has become an important factor of economic development for several countries in the contemporary world, we also have the honorable mission of leading the exports of Cuban medical and health professional services, based on the achievements of the national public health system and in function of contributing to sustaining the people's health care levels and in turn saving lives and improving the health indicators of several nations.

In this way, our professionals have left their mark on the rewarding path of healing, oriented to the state and private sector, as well as to hospital care centers and to primary health care. They are both expressed in medical brigades, hospital administration or other institutions and in markets where there are investments and assets.

We also guide the investment processes with foreign capital, understood as a source of development for the health sector. Although the history of Cuban medicine shows achievements in work methodologies, procedures and rigorous, advanced and innovative medical protocols for human health, we have a system open to opportunities in this sense.

Our greatest commitment is, and will always be, to life.

What do we do?

We have a portfolio of services with unique medical programs in the world, using biomedical research and products.

Our services:
- Medical care services in Cuba.
- Academic, teaching and scientific events services within the health profile.
- Health services for wellness and quality of life in Cuba.
- Health and medical services at the border.
- Health services associated with optical, pharmaceutical, natural and traditional medicine products.
- Professional medical and health services abroad.

How to request our services? 

You can access the services through the Coordination and Processing Center of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. where a specialist will immediately respond to your request and assess whether you require the service.

If you wish, you can also access an online consultation prior to your trip.

Meet our Board of Directors

Yamila de Armas Águila


Doctor in Medicine, II Degree Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine. Assistant Professor. Certified in Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment. Experience in the business sector for more than 10 years

Beatriz Areñas Fraga

First Vice President

BSc in Psychology.
Certified in Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment.
Experience in export and import operations

Víctor E. Felipe Tamayo 

Vice President of Business

Doctor in Medicine.
First Degree Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine. Certified in Medical Law, Foreign Trade, Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration. Administrative experience in commercial missions

Obel García Santana

Vice President of Medical Assurance

Doctor in Medicine. First Degree Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine. Specialized in Health Management. Administrative experience of more than 22 years in Cuba and as Medical Advisor and Director of the Placental Histotherapy MedicalCenter, Mexico, 2001-2012

 Alina Vicente Gaínza

Economic Vice President

Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Credit
Master in Accounting.
Experience of 43 years in the economic activity, 22 of them as a senior manager of the State

Aixa Díaz Miqueli

Legal Director

Qualified as Notary. Certified in Medical Law, Foreign Trade, Foreign Investment and Economic Collaboration. Administrative experience in Cuba and in commercial missions

Meet the Coordination and Processing Center Team

Iliana Reyes Álvarez

 Head of the Coordination
and Processing Center

Doctor in Medicine, First Degree Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine.
Master in Primary Health Care.
Certified in Foreign Trade

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