Announcement of the Second International Medical and Wellness Tourism Fair
The main objective of this second edition is to present the advances and services related to specialized health tourism at an international level, as well as to consolidate alliances and explore new opportunities for the sustainable development of this tourism modality.
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Announcement of the Second International Medical and Wellness Tourism Fair
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Could you take those long-awaited vacations and find the solution to pending health concerns? Would it be possible to experience new cultures and have access to highly effective medical treatments that can multiply your quality of life? Could you invest resources in tourism and feel that the value of experience and the well-being received far exceeds what was provided? Well, the answer is yes.

These are some of the promises that will be shared from Cuba at the II International Medical and Wellness Tourism Fair.

Organized by the Ministry of Public Health and Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A., this event will take place from April 21 to 25, 2025 at the PABEXPO trade fair center in Havana, within the framework of the XVI edition of the Health for All Fair.

The meeting, dedicated to promoting wellness tourism, will showcase the products, experiences, and advances in health tourism in the largest island of the Antilles, as a result of the collaboration between the tourism and health sectors. One of the purposes of the event will be to learn about similar experiences in other countries, consolidate alliances and pave new paths for the sustainable development of this modality.

The results and international prestige that Cuba exhibits in the field of public health are one of the pillars of our country brand. Contributing to its sustainability is an objective for Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S. A., which adds new anniversaries with a permanent Commitment to Life.

In this context, we invite all those who dream big to participate in the best gift we could share with humanity: medical and wellness tourism focused on health for all.
As part of the Faire, the II Seminar on Medical and Wellness Tourism will be held with the presence of world-class experts to deepen and exchange knowledge and trends in these areas.

The III Forum on Foreign Investment in the health sector will also be a space to promote foreign investment opportunities in Cuba, with interesting development prospects.
Many expectations will be centered on the presentation of the Health Tourism Award, a moment that will also be part of the program.

Taking advantage of this range of alternatives will be an opportunity of maximum interest for professionals from the health and tourism sectors, organizations, institutions and associations, international hospitals and clinics, hoteliers, insurance companies, tour operators, travel agencies, logistics institutions and medical suppliers, technology and media providers and others related to the health tourism industry.

Having health to enjoy life is an aspiration of all humanity, and this is the goal of our Fair. There is no doubt about it, taking part of this meeting will be a guarantee of well-being.

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Announcement of the Second International Medical and Wellness Tourism Fair
CSMC, S.A 3 May, 2024
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