Digital edition of Destino Salud magazine available on our website
Learn about health tourism from our magazine, where you will find information on the main services, communication campaigns, institutional promotions, achievements and projections of the company; so that those who visit Cuba can enjoy "All the Health at One Time".
15 November, 2022 by
Digital edition of Destino Salud magazine available on our website
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Destino Salud magazine was launched in its digital version during the First International Medical Tourism and Wellness Fair, held on October 17-20, 2022 in Havana.

The promotional publication of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. is the result of the joint work of the company's communication team and the Excelencias Group.

This edition stands out for its comprehensive approach to services that shows the country's full potential focused on the human being in need, supported by the prestige of Cuban medicine, the potential of the National Health System and the professionalism of its specialists.

It has 64 pages and is bilingual, oriented to the promotion of the organization's health services.

Its editorial section states, in the current context, the projections and challenges in the words of the president of CSMC, S.A., Dr. Yamila de Armas Aguila, who is also the General Director of the magazine.

The publication deals with various topics: health tourism services, medical tourism programs and the launching of quality of life and wellness services.

It highlights unique services that are combined with unique Cuban products such as oncological treatments with therapeutic vaccines, dermatological services for Vitiligo, psoriasis and Alopecia -among others- in alliance with Cuba's biopharmaceutical sector.

Another relevant topic is the Cuban therapeutic alternative for retinitis pigmentosa.

It refers to lines of academic services with its different modalities of undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced courses, as well as professional services abroad.

The magazine is consistent with the communication campaign of the recently concluded First International Fair of Medical Tourism and Wellness, and with the medical tourism campaign "Feel your Safety", which was launched during the aforementioned event.

It also deals with Cuba's bet for foreign investment, its portfolio of opportunities and to promote the thermal tourism destination-product.

In its last pages it shows, through a map, a wide network of institutions throughout the country, which are available for the provision of health tourism services and tourist assistance.

Soon, its printed version will have 3000 copies that will be distributed to Cuba's commercial representations abroad, medical brigades, sales network, tour operators, travel agencies, as well as in national and international fairs.  

From our website, we encourage you to enjoy Destination Cuba, in our magazine.

Dowload Destino Salud here (pdf, 9.13 MB).

By: MSc. Dra. Patricia Alonso Galbán
Communication Specialist in CSMC, S.A

Digital edition of Destino Salud magazine available on our website
CSMC, S.A 15 November, 2022
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