Encouraging Results in Nervous System Recovery in Cuba
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Encouraging Results in Nervous System Recovery in Cuba
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Over three decades of experience endorse the protocol and technology used in the Cuban neuro-restorative program to achieve nervous system recovery. The therapy combines pharmacological, surgical, and neuro-rehabilitation methods that, based on the principle of nervous system neuroplasticity, aim for the structural and functional recovery of damaged or diseased nerve areas, allowing patients to compensate for existing alterations and stimulate their recovery.

This innovative approach has shown promising results in a wide range of applications, catering to patients with sequelae of acute injuries and those with chronic diseases and nervous system disabilities. Among the main neurological diseases treated are:

    Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
    Traumatic brain injury
    Traumatic spinal cord injuries
    Aging-related brain alterations
    Alzheimer's disease
    Central nervous system tumors
    Sequelae of cerebral anoxia
    Cerebral palsy
    Neuromuscular and peripheral nerve conditions

A Unique Program in the World

Cuba's Neurological Restoration Program is internationally recognized for its unique character. It consists of a six-hour daily intensive rehabilitation regimen specifically designed to maximize patient recovery.

Cuba boasts prestigious rehabilitation and habilitation centers equipped with advanced research infrastructure, rigorously organized clinical and non-clinical services, and modern hospital facilities. These institutions are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with highly qualified professionals, offering a distinctive hallmark of warmth and dedication to patient care.

Noteworthy is the International Center for Neurological Restoration (CIREN), a scientific-medical institution known worldwide for creating this advanced technology. It has gained international prestige for its excellent services and for providing accurate diagnoses and treatments based on the high qualifications and professionalism of its specialists.

Services Offered

The program includes a wide range of specialized services:

    Neurological rehabilitation for hemiplegia.
    Neurological rehabilitation for spinal cord injuries.
    Neurological rehabilitation for static CNS lesions in pediatric age.
    Neurological rehabilitation for degenerative diseases in pediatric age.
    Neurological rehabilitation for degenerative diseases in adults.
    Packages of neurological restoration programs.
    Rehabilitation for osteomyoarticular system diseases.
    Cardiovascular rehabilitation.
    Body weight regulation.
    General biological restoration program.

How to Initiate Treatment?

To access these innovative treatments, interested parties should contact the Coordination and Processing Center of the Cuban Medical Services Commercialization Company, S.A. via email at smc@smcsalud.cu. A detailed medical program will be provided.

Cuba, a pioneer in the development of new technologies to treat neurodegenerative diseases, is magnified by the tangible results and benefits achieved in hundreds of patients from hundreds of countries who have accessed rehabilitation therapies and partially regained nervous system functions, thus improving their quality of life.

By: MSc. Dr. Patricia Alonso Galbán
Marketing and Communication Specialist, CSMC, S.A.

Encouraging Results in Nervous System Recovery in Cuba
CSMC, S.A 24 May, 2024
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