For a healthy and restorative sleep
Treatments for sleep disorders stand out among the most innovative and demanded medical services by those who access the excellence and qualification of Ciren's professionals team, an institution with high-impact equipment and technologies that are supported by multiple scientific research. Its General Biological Regeneration Program (REBIOGER in Spanish) is also highly recognized.
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For a healthy and restorative sleep
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There is no better introduction letter for a renowned Center like Ciren than the attention, during more than three decades of work, to more than 100,000 people from more than 100 countries. A center with proven excellence and qualification in medical assistance as well as in research and scientific-technical services in general. 

Founded on February 26, 1989, the institution has an assistance area with two original therapeutic programs: Neurological Restoration and General Biological Restoration, where patients have been treated with innovative approaches and recognized success. There is also an area dedicated to basic research that provides new knowledge and introduces and develops technologies in the field of neurosciences. 

This reference center for neurosurgery in the country stands out for providing services of international prestige, as well as for accurate diagnosis and treatment obtained thanks to the high qualification and professionalism of its specialists. Their work is dedicated to offer rehabilitation for people suffering from various types of neurological disorders, whether cerebrovascular or neurodegenerative diseases, trauma or any other that causes motor or cognitive dysfunction and damages the organic functioning of adult and pediatric patients. 

Ciren's medical programs are distinguished by offering customized packages according to each patient's disease, who can access an intensive rehabilitation plan of six hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. It also includes a trainer and personalized treatment, access to the most modern neurorestoration technologies, laboratories, well-equipped gymnasiums, operating rooms with neuronavigation equipment and minimally invasive surgery. 

Its leading and most demanded product is the Neurorestorative Program, which includes a week of diagnostic evaluation and treatment cycles depending on the neurological conditions, whether they are based on the Central Nervous System (CNS) or have a peripheral origin, in all age groups. 

The team of managers and workers is remarkable, who add to their notorius professionalism a high sense of responsibility, humanism, solidarity and commitment. Among them is Dr. Elizabeth González Naranjo, specialist in neurophysiology of the Sleep Disorders Clinic, with great experience in this field.

In her presentation, the doctor referred to the implementation of a methodology for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of sleep disorders, which include a wide group of ailments that affect the normal development of the sleep-wake cycle and can be very serious and interfere with the physical, mental and emotional functioning of the individual. She insisted that sleep medicine is the subspecialty which is dedicated to these disorders and contributes to the integral analysis of patients, since in its varied manifestations it is related to various chronic and acute diseases. 

"Here, at Ciren, there is a working team trained in sleep medicine and they attend people in the outpatient clinic as well as those admitted to the institution, suffering from some type of disorder, who require an evaluation and studies to support the emission of specific diagnoses and the corresponding behaviors. There are other patients who are received through a properly argued request from other entities and who have the proper authorization to perform different tests with the purpose of making an accurate judgment and an adequate treatment," she commented.

"Patients with CNS diseases (degenerative, traumatic, vascular, tumor, epilepsy, dementia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) whose manifestations or symptoms include sleep onset or maintenance disorders, poor sleep quality or non-refreshing sleep, daytime hypersomnia, abnormal behaviors or movement disorders during sleep are also studied". 

In addition, the doctor explained that there are those who require a polysomnographic study or multiple sleep latency test and, after issuing a diagnostic impression, she coordinates with Ciren to support the performance of these neurophysiological studies. 

She indicated that the patient admitted to Ciren, whether Cuban or foreigner, has access to a first consultation with a specialist in internal medicine, neurology or neurophysiology, at the request of the attending physician. It also includes an interview to evaluate the patient's difficulties related to the sleep-wake cycle, preparation of a complete medical history to obtain a detailed anamnesis on patients' sleeping habits, their physical and psychological conditions, plus other complementary examinations and any necessary inter-consultations. 

The Sleep Laboratory of the Clinical Neurophysiology Service evaluates sleep disorders, performs neurophysiological diagnostic procedures and their interpretation and finally diagnoses, including therapeutic proposals according to clinically established hypotheses. For this purpose, there is a sleep disorders consultation and a polysomnography laboratory. 

In addition to those who are admitted to the Center, other foreign patients who come for outpatient consultations and who also have a specific diagnosis of a particular disorder are admitted to the Center. Among the most frequent foreigners are those from countries such as Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Spain and Ukraine. 

There are multiple ways of accessing the Center: by telephone, e-mail and/or social networks, such as the Center's Facebook page, which can be used to request a complete service, a study or a specific consultation. 

There are patient satisfaction surveys on the care and services provided and so far there have been many favorable comments that even serve as promotion on the Internet, especially on Facebook. 

The Master in Neurosciences emphasized that this is not the only Center dedicated to sleep disorders, since this service is also provided at the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery. There are antecedents of similar studies carried out during different periods of time and in multiple institutions, among which are the Neurosciences Center of Cuba, the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, the Center for Medical and Surgical Research (CIMEQ) and the Adolescent Clinic, all located in Havana, plus the Ataxia Center in Holguín.

REBIOGER, aging with plenitude

To conjugate the verb envejecer (to grow old) properly, many variables are needed. At CIREN there are very convincing answers on the possibility of reaching a satisfactory longevity.     

From the medical point of view, there is a wide range of alternatives and probable solutions to face the challenge of old age. Dr. Elizabeth Hernández González, MsC. and 2nd degree specialist in Internal Medicine at CIREN, characterized the anti-aging and quality of life scheme in our country, which today includes the General Biological Regeneration Program (REBIOGER). 

This is a multidisciplinary and individualized approach to the factors that influence premature aging and the correlating diseases. The research is based on a comprehensive therapeutic action to face this natural process by correcting the biomolecular bases of oxidative stress and compensating or recovering its consequences on a systemic level. 

According to the expert, aging is modulated by both genetic and environmental factors and manifests itself differently among individuals of the same species with an identical genome. Regarding Anti-Aging Medicine, she emphasized that it is based on scientific advances and medical technologies for preventing, detecting, early treatment and correction of age-related dysfunctions, disorders or diseases, thus extending the life expectancy of human beings while improving their wellbeing.

This program turns to generate great interest. It contemplates a four-day multidisciplinary evaluation based on a clinical and neurological examination (including risk factors and oxidative stress, DNA damage and repair), the quality of life and sleep scale, as well as immunological, neurophysiological, neuropsychological (cognitive and emotional) analysis. 

It also includes physiological assessments (motor and functional), cosmetology and cosmetic surgery, nutrition, podiatry, stomatology, among others, which are added to the integral treatment of pharmacotherapy (neuromodulation and others); nutritional balance; biophysical stimulation (magnetic fields, ultrasound, electrotherapy, laser, deep oscillations); natural and traditional medicine (ozone therapy, for example); motor control training and attention to the neurocognitive and psychopathological sphere. 

The program also implies aerobic exercises and treatments for chronic pain (algology group), dermo-functional and cosmetic treatments, facial and body aesthetics (massages, platelet-rich plasma, botulinum toxin, collagen) and surgeries.

REBIOGER care programs can last between seven and 29 days. There is the possibility of free evaluation and treatment plans, with a wide and diverse scope, since those who are interested in its benefits must only be adults of 30 years of age or older. Candidates may even be healthy and only wish to adequately maintain their health status. It can be ideal for those who present risk factors for premature aging, such as obesity, alcoholism and other addictions, metabolic disorders, stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue as a consequence of acute or chronic diseases (post infectious, post COVID). Also for patients with diverse symptomatologies that derivate in a poor quality of life, for example, those who suffer from sleep, concentration and memory disorders, degenerative diseases and chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, dismetabolic steatopathies, immune disorders and fibromyalgia. 

Patients with various symptomatologies that derivate in a poor quality of life, for example, those suffering from sleep, concentration and memory disorders, degenerative or inflammatory diseases of the osteomyoarticular system with various etiologies, as well as other chronic ailments (diabetes, heart disease, dysmetabolic steatopathies, immune disorders, fibromyalgias) can also benefit.

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For a healthy and restorative sleep
CSMC, S.A 30 June, 2023
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