Happy International Women's Day!
8 March, 2023 by
Happy International Women's Day!
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Dear Cuban women:

On this International Women's Day we congratulate you for your strength, perseverance and commitment to equality and justice. The women of Cuba have demonstrated tireless courage and determination in their struggle for rights and gender equity, and their participation has been fundamental in building a more just and prosperous society.

In particular, we want to recognize the essential role they play in healthcare, from front-line work to leadership and research. Their active and engaged presence has been cardinal to the well-being of communities and to the creation of a healthier future for all.

Their work has had a remarkable positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world. Your dedication and efforts have been crucial to the prevention, treatment and cure of disease.

On this special day, we send them warm greetings and encourage them to continue their work and to continue to be an example of strength and dedication to all women and to society at large.

Happy International Women's Day to all women health workers!

Congratulations to all Cuban women!

Happy International Women's Day!
CSMC, S.A 8 March, 2023
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