Improving health and quality of life
For the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis and alopecia areata, Cuba Destination provides services that, in combination with products from the Cuban biopharmaceutical sector, guarantee an alternative cure for those who suffer from these dermatological diseases.
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Improving health and quality of life
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The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A., in alliance with the Biopharmaceutical Industry, provides an integrated offer to improve health and raise the quality of life of patients suffering from dermatological conditions who choose the island for their treatment.

Cuba offers personalized and comprehensive attention, as well as a team of qualified and experienced technicians and professionals.

In the consultations, patients receive information about the characteristics of their disease, the therapy to be followed in each case and its benefits, thus providing ample guarantees in terms of methods and ways of dealing with these stigmatized ailments in society.

Recovering skin color is possible thanks to the treatment of vitiligo, a condition characterized by the loss of cells that produce skin pigmentation. In this procedure, Melagenin Plus ® is used in the form of a lotion, which is applied once a day on the de-pigmented areas until the entire lesion is covered. With 86% effectiveness in the stimulation of the melanocytes and in the repigmentation process, this product can be used at any age with no records of side effects.

In the program for the treatment of psoriasis, Coriodermina® is used, with 78% effectiveness demonstrated in treated patients and no reports of adverse reactions. It is used in the form of a water-soluble gel and should be applied topically, spreading gently with the fingers and without rubbing on the lesions.

Another dermatological condition is alopecia, a disease characterized by a decrease in the density or absence of hair that can manifest itself on any part of the skin surface. Sufferers can benefit from the Cuban treatment that incorporates the use of Dermoplacen®, particularly for alopecia areata, which affects both sexes and any age range. The product is a 25% hydro-alcoholic extract of human placenta, which stimulates growth and develops hair follicles.

It is applied on the scalp in the way of lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and is distinguished by its effectiveness in the treatment of other conditions such as androgenic alopecia, scalp psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis.

These biological products are conceived from the human placenta at the Placental Histotherapy Center, an institution with more than three decades in the research, production and commercialization of these drugs, anti-inflammatory products, diagnostics and nutritional supplements useful in immunological diseases, in addition to a body, facial and hair line.

Other treatment alternatives with products created from human placenta, as a common denominator, show a high percentage of effectiveness. The sun protection gel, the bio activating soap, the dermotrophic cream and the moisturizing lotion complement the treatment of vitiligo and psoriasis, together with a nutritional therapy with food supplement, rich in proteins and minerals, recommended for patients with osteoporosis, HIV carriers and high-performance athletes.

Every year, patients from more than 100 countries come to Cuba to visit international health centers in search of these dermatological services, thanks to their proven effectiveness and the contribution they make to people's recovery, thus favorably influencing the ways and lifestyles of the patients.

Taken from  Destino Salud.

Improving health and quality of life
CSMC, S.A 20 February, 2023
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