Let's shape the world we want: A Healthy Future for All
Achieving Universal Health Coverage has become even more urgent since COVID-19, which led to increasing inequalities and economic difficulties.
12 December, 2022 by
Let's shape the world we want: A Healthy Future for All
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Universal Health Day, commemorated every December 12, is the anniversary of the  first unanimous United Nations resolution  that calls for countries to provide affordable, quality health care to everyone, everywhere.

This year, the chosen theme for this International Day is  seleccionado para este Día Internacional es "Let's shape the world we want: A Healthy Future for All."

Universal Health Coverage (Universal Health, for the Americas region) has been included in the new Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations. Universal Health means that all people have access, without discrimination, to comprehensive quality services, when and where they need them, without exposing them to financial difficulties.

The date is an opportunity to raise voices and share the situation of persons, families and communities that still lack access and coverage to essential, comprehensive and quality health services, based on Primary Health Care (PHC). It highlights the values that sustain Universal Health: the right to health, equality and solidarity.

The pandemic made evident the interdependence between the performance of countries in economic matters and the protection of the health of their populations, proving that there is no sustainable economic growth without protecting and promoting health and wellness, and vice versa. The social and economic crisis, characterized by rising unemployment, poverty, and the aggravation of long-standing inequities, reinforces the need to coordinate the contributions of different sectors of activity and government for the recovery and transformation of the Region's health systems toward universal health and more equal societies.

Based on the  "Strategy for the establishment of resilient health systems and recovery in the post-pandemic phase of HIV/AIDS-19 to maintain and protect public health achievements"  (PAHO, 2021), the Region of the Americas is challenged to transform health systems based on a PHC approach, addressing both the renewal of essential public health functions and the preparation of health care networks to expand access and respond to possible new public health emergencies, with sustainability of public financing and social protection.

To resume the path towards Universal Health, building a healthy future for all, places health at the center of the global agenda, calling for action on the structural social determinants of health, in a multisectoral action and with communities in the territories.  The absence of welfare states and social protection perpetuates the matrix of inequality in the region and the approach to structural social determinants can be strengthened through the establishment of strategic alliances to promote social participation and an effort in the intersectionality of the axes of inequality.

With information from the  United Nations and PAHO.

By: MSc. Dra. Patricia Alonso Galbán
Communication Specialist in CSMC, S.A

Let's shape the world we want: A Healthy Future for All
CSMC, S.A 12 December, 2022
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