Occasion to heal and live without addictions
The participation of a multidisciplinary team is a distinctive feature of the treatment and is complemented by the beauty of a natural, cozy environment and a healthier atmosphere.
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Occasion to heal and live without addictions
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It is difficult to cut the ties that an addiction can represent, it implies the will to start the way and, once on it, to be surrounded by shoulders to lean on, ears that do not judge and a hand, or several willing to prevent the slightest stumble. Getting out of this circle also requires specialized accompaniment focused on self-esteem and strength of spirit, through tools that empower and forge a resistance capable of overcoming the temptations that will be in the environment.

What distinguishes the Addiction Treatment Program offered by Cuba Destination?

Dr. Osvaldo Héctor Ardisana, a commercial specialist at the Coordination and Processing Center of the Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A., assures that: "it is distinguished by the multifactor approach, with the participation of a multidisciplinary, experienced team made up of doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physical trainers, nurses, social workers, as well as specialists in natural and traditional medicine with a commitment, dedication and love given naturally to patients; an expression of the therapeutic approach with an ethical-humanist sense".

According to the official, it constitutes a personalized therapy according to the needs of those who require it, through tools that allow them to face life and society again. The treatment is complemented by the beauty of a natural, cozy environment and a healthier atmosphere.

The therapy requires a stay of approximately 97 days and focuses on the cognitive-behavioral aspect, regardless of the type of addiction. It includes an initial evaluation, in which the company of a family member or a close person is recommended because this first stage of abstinence becomes difficult, as the patient may hide or not remember relevant information. In addition, it reaffirms the bond with the family, their commitment to the patient and a constant interaction with the medical team. In this phase, the patient's willingness will always be an important element to take into account, since their cooperation in the process is essential for recovery and their ability to face the complex moment they are going through.

During the period of stay, they carry out activities in the Therapeutic Community and every week they receive an evaluation according to the fulfillment of the objectives proposed by stages, as well as of the community, besides self-evaluating themselves.

At certain times during therapy, accompanied by their peers and therapists, they visit museums, theaters and natural sites, which contributes to their preparation to gradually integrate into society, once they have acquired the tools that will allow them to say no to substances or addictive practices, maintain a social life, work or study, without dependence.

Which are the main institutions where these services are provided? 

The program is developed in Granma, Holguín and Santiago de Cuba, where the main International Health Centers for this treatment are located, which have medical attention 24 hours a day.

Villa Colibrí, founded more than 10 years ago and located on the coastline 30 kilometers from the city of Santiago de Cuba, has a high international demand and an accommodation capacity of 22 air-conditioned rooms, according to Dr. Luis Fong Barrios, specialist in Psychiatry and head of the Therapeutic Team: "It is a very cozy country place, located in a natural environment within the protected area of Baconao Park, where you can watch the birds and listen to their songs," he said.

In Holguín province, Villas Cocal and Quinqué are located in a natural suburban environment. M.Sc. Mayra González García, specialist of I and II degree in Psychiatry, specialist of first degree in Comprehensive Medicine and assistant professor of the University of Medical Sciences, emphasized the easy accessibility of both institutions and affirmed that: "Villa Quinqué received its first clients in 1990, and in 1992 it restarted its services focused on this program with a capacity of 26 air-conditioned double rooms and other hotel services". After its restart, it became the first in the country dedicated to these treatments, and is located 7 km from the city and 5 km from the international airport. It also has a gym, swimming pool and multipurpose court for sports activities. Villa Cocal, founded in 1997 with the same services, has 30 rooms with similar conditions, said González. 

Another center is El Yarey, in the municipality of Jiguaní, Granma province. There, Dr. Giselle de los A. Clavería Carbonell, a specialist in General Comprehensive Medicine and head of the Therapeutic Team, explained about the country style and the maximum occupancy capacity of 30 guests. The facility, where more than 300 patients have been treated, has various hotel services, Wi-Fi service, several consultation areas that include massage and relaxation areas, as well as gardens where different naturist therapies are offered. Nearby, there are hiking and horseback riding trails, as well as areas for outdoor sports.

One of the patients in these centers surprised us when she said: "Thank you, Cuba, for giving us the opportunity to return to our lives, thank you because I will no longer be rejected by society". In more than 20 years of experience, Cuba has achieved praiseworthy results in the development of addiction treatment programs for patients, mainly from Latin America -Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela- and some African countries. But above all, it has shown that with commitment and a lot of love, addictions can be overcome.

Taken from Destino Salud.

Occasion to heal and live without addictions
CSMC, S.A 10 April, 2023
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