Specialized programs for a better quality of life
At 10 years old and with more commitment to life, Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A., offers you the strengths of the National Health System, biotechnology and the hotel industry, with a comprehensive approach.
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Specialized programs for a better quality of life
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Hemodialysis on vacation

In the Largest of the Antilles, an island of extraordinary beauty, people suffering from chronic renal insufficiency (CKD) have the opportunity to access hemodialysis services while enjoying their vacations or business trips.

Cuban medical services offer a high standard treatment with Fresenius technology, in facilities prepared for tourists or foreign executives to feel in a natural, comfortable environment and have all the required guarantees. They will also have access to a specialized transportation service and additional consultations.

Just a few meters away from the crystal-clear waters of Varadero Beach, one of the most appreciated beaches in the world, is the Hemodialysis Center, where patients will receive a specialized service with privacy and peacefulness.

In Havana, from the comfort of the International Health Center "La Pradera", with hotel infrastructure, and in the Nephrology Institute, you will also feel the human warmth of expert professionals in international medical care.

Live in Cuba a safe experience while enjoying the culture, idiosyncrasy and singularities of its people.

Comprehensive program for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairment

There is nothing more gratifying than the joy of a hearing impaired child when he or she can finally recover one of the five vital senses of the human being to perceive and interpret the environment around him or her. In Cuba you will have that opportunity through Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos, S.A.

The diagnosis and treatment of hearing impairment with cochlear implant is a comprehensive service that consists of two stages: the surgical phase to place the device and the rehabilitation phase, the latter guaranteeing the desired results. The combination of both processes leads to the awakening of hearing, language and speech skills in infants, through individual and group therapies in comfortable facilities and in a natural and peaceful environment.

The participation of multidisciplinary teams composed of specialists in ear surgery, audiology, psychology, neurophysiology and pediatrics, as well as counseling for the children's families, also ensure the success of the treatment.

Come to Cuba, the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and give those little ones the joy of enjoying the colors of sound in the hands of specialized professionals with great human warmth.

Specialized programs for a better quality of life
CSMC, S.A 3 October, 2022
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