Unique oncology treatments in Cuba
Cuban Medical Services offers an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of life of people with cancer.
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Unique oncology treatments in Cuba
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The greatest desire of those suffering from cancer is to live longer and with better quality of life. With this human interest, Cuban researchers developed products such as CIMAvax® and Vaxira®, therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of lung cancer, and CIMAher® against head and neck cancer.

The Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A. offers the possibility of accessing these treatments with services characterized by quality, specialization and the singularity of having unique products, the result of Cuba's scientific-technical development, in alliance with the national Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industry.

The international Cuban medical services provide exclusive medical programs, with the use of CIMAvax® and Vaxira®, for non-small cell lung cancer in advanced stages, which allows increasing the patient's life expectancy - in many cases more than five years - in addition to improving the respiratory capacity, physical and emotional state.

CIMAvax® acts on the Epidermal Growth Factor receptor, is well tolerated, even in the elderly, and has been used with positive results in Cuban patients and in many other countries.

Vaxira® has an objective clinical response to stable disease after chemotherapy treatment and presents few adverse events.

The application of both therapies is carried out in two phases: a first phase for the induction of higher doses and a maintenance phase with more spaced doses according to medical indications.

The comprehensive and highly specialized oncology treatment of head and neck cancer in advanced stages with CIMAher®, a humanized monoclonal antibody, also offers an alternative for people affected by this disease. It is also used in the treatment of patients with malignant esophageal tumors and patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

This medical care program is based on the experience of the researchers who developed the product, the oncologists who conducted the clinical trials and the experts who apply it in the Cuban population, with excellent results.

CIMAher® already has international registration and excellent acceptance. Its combination with conventional treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy has shown good results in the control of the disease.

The medical tourism programs of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos S.A. with hospitalization include accommodation, meals, and medical and nursing care, initial evaluation and preparation of clinical history, as well as hematological, hemochemical and imaging studies. The comprehensive attention to patients and their families in the institutions where they are carried out allows combining scientific expertise with the amenities of a natural, comfortable environment with great human warmth.

These oncology treatments based on the immunotherapy with Cuban products constitute an exclusive possibility of medical tourism in the largest island of the Caribbean, characterized by the comprehensive attention and supported by all the capacities of the National Health System at the disposal of the clients, in a permanent "Commitment to Life".



You can access the services through the Coordination and Processing Center of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. where a specialist will immediately reply to your request and assess whether you require the service. 


If you wish, you may also access an online consultation prior to your trip. 


For further information, please contact us through the following contacts:


˜Phone: 7 209 0977 
E-mail: smc@smcsalud.cu
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Unique oncology treatments in Cuba
CSMC, S.A 11 October, 2022
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