Minimal access surgery


            Based on the work and experience developed by the national network of minimal access surgery, the country offers surgical programs of high scientific level with attractive prices, covering 119 services.

            We have a multidisciplinary medical team, nationally certified and internationally endorsed, composed of endoscopic surgeons, specialized imaging specialists, experienced anesthesiologists, nurses, specialized technicians and top quality instruments.

            The choices of minimal access surgery means less postoperative pain, less immunological damage and lower rate of complications, shorter hospital stay and quicker return to normal activities, as well as better esthetics of the surgical wound.

            The programs include hospitalization, medical fees, pre-surgery check-up, indispensable investigations, surgical intervention, right to the operating room, biopsy of surgical piece when indicated, right to anesthesia and recovery.

            Among the most requested programs of minimal access surgery in our country are: Bariatric surgery; Cholecystectomy; Obesity, Gastric plicate, evaluation; Obesity, Laparoscopic gastric plicate; Hysterectomy; Laparoscopic myomectomy; Simple nephrectomy, Renal cyst resection; Hypophysial tumor resection; Ovarian cyst removal; Tubal ligation; Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), removal of lithiasis of the bpv; ERCP + removal of lithiasis of the pancreas, nasal polypectomy and adenoidectomy, among others.

            To begin treatment, you should contact the Coordination and Processing Center of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. at You will be sent the medical program with its costs.