Orthopedic surgery

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            Advanced therapies ranging from orthopedic care and trauma, sports medicine, the development of prostheses and orthosis techniques, as well as a long tradition of research and teaching privilege this specialty in Cuba, with a development on updated scientific bases and high competence at international level, with very consolidated applications such as arthroscopy, external fixtures, sports trauma, and research on osteoporosis, hip fractures in the elderly, coxarthrosis in the hip, among others.

            As part of its specialization in the treatment of complex trauma conditions or severe after-effects of trauma due to dislocations or fractures, it has successfully developed a line of work for the care of disorders of high incidence in high-performance athletes, ballet artists, the world of dance and circus art, among others, which makes it a practically unique specialty of its kind in the region.

            The services provided by this program are:

            1. 10 cm bilateral tibia elongation surgery
            2. Knee arthroplasty (unilateral).
            3. Short-stay knee arthroplasty (unilateral).
            4. Correction of angular knee deformity.
            5. Hallus Valgus correction
            6. Treatment of meniscus injuries / chondromalacia / synovitis.
            7. Non-cemented hip arthroplasty.
            8. Short-stay non-cemented hip arthroplasty.
            9. Cemented hip arthroplasty.
            10. Spine surgery programs.
            11. Lumbar degenerative disc disease S / facet arthritis.
            12. Treatment of lumbar disc herniation/degenerative disc disease.
            13. Treatment of lumbar canal stenosis.
            14. Cervical degenerative disc disease surgery (cervical discectomy plus disc prosthesis or dynamic box).
            15. Treatment of cervical disc herniation.
            16. Treatment of lumbar disc herniation.
            17. Treatment of demyelopathy (laminectomy).
            18. Treatment of thoracic herniated disc.
            19. Surgical treatment for scoliosis.
            20. Correction of severe scoliosis (double approach).

            To begin treatment, you should contact the Coordination and Processing Center of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. at smc@smcsalud.cu. You will be sent the medical program with its costs.