Telemedicine program

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            Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. counts with the Telemedicine service, as a new way of commercialization, designed to bring our services to the most distant patient/client.

            Based on the prestige of Cuban medicine, the computer infrastructure and the skills of Cuban experts, we offer personalized attention characterized by humanism, professionalism and ethical performance of our Cuban health professionals.

            It is the ideal modality for those who live outside Cuba and decide to consult online the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of their condition.

            Telemedicine program has been developed thanks to the integration of Cuban medical professionals, scientists with high potential and level of preparation, that combine the most innovative instruments in health technology, information technology and telecommunications in order to allow the development of this novelty in Cuban health services.

            This program provides the opportunity to conduct:
            - Telediagnosis consultation.
            - Teleconsultation: online consultation, second opinion consultation.
            - Medical Tele-consulting or Remote Monitoring Service.
            - Teleconference.

            Consultations of all medical specialties are provided by highly experienced and competent specialists, leaders in the specialty in demand, belonging to health centers in Cuba, using the telemedicine platform, which will allow you to save time, save travel expenses and facilitating access from anywhere in the world.