Renal transplant with living donor

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Cuban Medical Services are backed by the strength of the National Health System with 40 years of experience in first-line related living donor of kidney transplantation. The success in transplant results lies in its multidisciplinary attention, the expertise of  professionals and the quality of the institutions where it is performed.

This is a medical-surgical procedure to treat patients suffering from chronic terminal renal failure (CKF), where renal function is restored by implanting a kidney from a donor (in this case a living one), compatible with the recipient.

The implantation of a new functioning kidney brings to these patients the possibility of restarting practically a normal life and the psychological well-being of not being dependent on the artificial kidney. This procedure provides the patient with a higher quality of life and enables the social reintegration: the ultimate goal of the intervention.

This program includes preoperative evaluation, surgical treatment and postoperative evaluation of the donor-recipient couple. The services provided are:

- Renal transplant evaluation program (recipient and donor).
The donor must be compatible, for which the necessary studies must have been previously performed. The donor must meet criteria of age, sex and body surface area, as well as immunological criteria of blood compatibility, HLA system and cross-match negative tests, among others. Studies must be performed on the donor and the recipient. In the case of the donor, diseases that may be aggravated by the donation and others that may be transmitted to the donor are ruled out. The characteristics of the donor's urinary system and how to ensure the donor's renal function are studied.
-    Renal transplant (recipient and donor).

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