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Destination Cuba offers an opportunity for you to walk again without the after-effects of diabetes mellitus.
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The Cuban medical treatment with the use of HEBERPROT-P®, the only medicine on the Island, which contains recombinant human epidermal growth factor, is intended for patients with injuries caused by complex wounds.

For those suffering from Diabetes Mellitus, one of the most prevalent chronic non-communicable diseases worldwide, it is a revolutionary therapy that stimulates granulation, shortens the period of tissue healing in a progressive and sustained manner, reduces the possibility of infections and traumas, in addition to reducing the need for surgical interventions and favoring functional recovery.

Diabetic patients from all over the world, of any age, sex and race, diagnosed with the disease, regardless of its typology, will be able to obtain this healing opportunity in the largest Antillean Island. The applications are performed by specialized personnel under hospitalization conditions, they can be either intra- or peri-lesional with a frequency of three times a week.

The amount of medication bulbs to be used will depend on the evolution of each individual, and is indicated for all diabetic foot ulcer lesions, from the smallest to the most extensive, whether neopathic or ischemic.

This service has a medical team integrated by various specialties such as: internal medicine, angiology, podiatry, endocrinology and nursing, who perform an exhaustive evaluation of the lesion and determine a personalized treatment according to the characteristics and dimensions of each patient's wound. This initial comprehensive evaluation makes it possible, from a metabolic point of view, for the application of the medication to be effective and ensures the ideal treatment.

As part of this comprehensive service, patients are given dietary recommendations and lifestyle guidelines as a determining factor in the control of their underlying disease.

This treatment is provided in institutions such as the Institute of Angiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, located in the Salvador Allende Clinical and Surgical Hospital, and in the Cira Garcia Central Clinic, which has become a very prestigious center, a leader in medical tourism in Cuba, where people can count on permanent counseling.

Cuba also offers a complete program for the control and monitoring not only of diabetic foot pathologies, but also of ulcers of other origin to reduce the frequency and severity of acute and chronic complications.

Over the years, research has certified a proven effectiveness of 85% of patients who have recovered the vitality of the foot and have not had to undergo amputation, generating great acceptance and interest worldwide; a procedure that in 1999 proved effective through a protocol led by Dr. José Ignacio Fernández Montequín, currently the leading physician of the program, and Professor Jorge Berlanga, the scientist who discovered the renowned injectable formula.

More than 450,000 patients have benefited from this therapeutic alternative, which has become a true milestone to bring healing, quality of life and hope to people who, from all latitudes, have traveled to Cuba to receive this unique medical service, internationally recognized, and which is complemented by the development achieved by Cuban biotechnology.

Taken from Destino Salud.

Back on the road
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