Cuba's unique oncology treatments
Destino Cuba offers an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of life of those who require highly specialized and effective oncological treatments.
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Cuba's unique oncology treatments
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The news of the existence of a treatment that offers the opportunity of improvement and extends the life expectancy of those suffering from an oncological disease, comforts the state of mind of those who are in this difficult moment of their lives.

Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. offers patients combined therapies with unique products with proven effectiveness originated in Cuba: the vaccines CIMAvax-EGF® y Vaxira®, and the monoclonal antibodies CIMAher® (Nimotuzumab) y HeberFERON®. Both treatments are based on the expertise of the researchers of the biotechnology sector who developed them, the professionals of the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR) who conducted the clinical trials, and the experts who apply them daily in the Cuban population with excellent results.

For non-small cell lung cancer in advanced stages IIIB and IV, Cuba offers treatment with CIMAvax-EGF®, a vaccine that acts on the epidermal growth factor receptor, is well tolerated even in the elderly and its medication is permanent.

Meanwhile, Vaxira®, also intended for this disease in the same stages of development, is used in those who have been treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, have completed the first line of oncological treatment at least four weeks earlier and are stable, and its effectiveness in controlling tumor growth has been proven.

Both procedures improve the respiratory capacity, physical condition and state of mind of the patients; the application of these therapies is carried out in two phases: the first for the induction of a higher dose, the second for maintenance with more spaced doses according to medical indications.

The comprehensive and highly specialized oncological treatment of head and neck cancer, in advanced stages, with CIMAher® offers an alternative for people affected by this disease. The monoclonal antibody has confirmed a perfect symbiosis with conventional therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy, showing a positive response in 70 to 100 percent of cases. It is also used for some types of cancer in pediatric age groups, and the drug is currently registered for the treatment of nasopharyngeal, esophageal, pancreatic and non-small cell lung cancer tumors.

On the other hand, people with skin cancer of the basal cell carcinoma type have new hope for treatment with HeberFERON®, a drug that combines recombinant human alpha and gamma interferon. It is indicated in lesions of any size and location, including high-risk areas, the H-zone of the face or those locally advanced and difficult to treat due to their proximity to the eyes or the brain. The monoclonal antibody guarantees a faster therapeutic response, prolongs treatment responses for at least five years, improves and reduces, eightfold, the frequency of appearance of new lesions and reduces the tumor mass, avoiding complex surgeries and their sequelae in delicate parts of the face and body.

Among the institutions that support these services, the International Health Center, La Pradera, located in the west of the city, offers those who decide to travel to the largest Antillean Island a natural environment where the variety and comfort of its hotel services are combined with medical attention and wellness.

Services include hospitalization, accommodation, meals, medical and nursing care, initial evaluation and preparation of clinical history, as well as hematological, hemochemical and imaging research. The comprehensive care provided to patients and their families in the institutions where they are provided allows combining scientific rigor, comfort and human warmth of the specialists.

Supported by all the capabilities of the National Health System, these highly specialized and comprehensive oncological treatments are an opportunity that Destination Cuba offers to those who decide to travel to the island in search of hope and quality of life.

Taken from  Destino Salud.

Cuba's unique oncology treatments
CSMC, S.A 4 February, 2023
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