Immunotherapy for head and neck cancer (CIMAher)

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Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. offers people from all over the world the possibility of accessing a complete therapeutic program for patients with different head and neck tumors.

This comprehensive and highly specialized oncology treatment includes the therapeutic vaccine Nimotuzumab HR3 (CIMAher®), together with the experience of the professionals of the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology.

CIMAher® is a humanized monoclonal antibody for the treatment of some cancer sites, developed by the Center for Molecular Immunology in Cuba. Its combination with conventional treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy has been shown to improve the objective response to the disease by 70-100%.

The HR3 antibody is obtained by genetic engineering and acts on the immune system, activating it. This, in turn, controls the growth of tumor cells, slowing them down. One of its main advantages is that it preferentially recognizes tumor cells and not normal tissue, and can be used in combination with other cancer therapies (radiotherapy and chemotherapy) or alone.

CIMAher® is currently registered for the treatment of naso-pharyngeal tumors, esophageal tumors, pancreatic tumors and non-small cell lung cancer.
It is registered for the following indications:

- Treatment of advanced stage head and neck tumors in combination with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.
- Treatment of highly malignant astrocytoma as monotherapy in children refractory to oncospecific treatment.
- Treatment of gliobastoma multiforme, in combination with radiotherapy, in adult patients.
- Treatment of inoperable malignant esophageal tumors of epithelial origin, in combination with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

This treatment is personalized and is performed according to the patient's needs, after being evaluated by a multidisciplinary team (nationally certified and internationally endorsed). The treatment requires admission with a companion. It is administered intravenously.

To begin treatment, you should contact the Coordination and Processing Center of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos Cubanos, S.A. at You will be sent the medical program with its costs.