From nature, its greatest virtue
The country has a program for the development of natural and traditional medicine, assumed as other option for the scientific-technical progress.
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From nature, its greatest virtue
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Cuba is a nation that lives under the nature protection. With more than 2,000 plant species characterized by a big potential to be used in health, this island enjoys of a well-preserved biological diversity and between 70 and 80 % of its flora has medicinal, aromatic, spicy and fruity properties.

This is a country where the population frequently turns to use the therapeutic virtues of plants to cure or alleviate various conditions and diseases. The natural and traditional medicine is assumed as another option of scientific-technical development, based on the experience and qualifications of hundreds of specialists and masters, recognized by the World Health Organization.

This activity has been increasing since the 60's of the last century, counting with several regulated therapeutic modalities, among which stand out acupuncture and its related techniques: phytotherapy, apitherapy, medical hydrology, homeopathy, flower therapy and ozone therapy.

To deep into this topic, we interviewed Dr. Evelyn Anie Gonzalez Pla, president of the Cuban Scientific Society of Natural and Traditional Medicine.

Dra. Evelyn  Anie González Pla

-How can Cuba, based on Natural and Traditional Medicine, contribute to the health improvement and quality of life?

"Cuba has a strong National Health System, which integrates Natural and Traditional Medicine as a medical specialty, with eleven therapeutic modalities regulated for its practice in the country”.

 "In addition, there are other specialties and health services under constant development,  which allow to integrate these treatments for the preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative approach to a significant number of diseases”. 

  "Such an integrative approach, with a strong preventive component, ensures the basis to develop a strategy associated with the health improvement and quality of life in terms of Cuban Medical Services."

 -What potential does the country have to promote scientific development in this activity?

"The Cuban archipelago counts with a tropical climate rich in medicinal plants, important hydrothermal resources, beaches and a beautiful landscape that boost the development of other activities linked to quality-of-life programs, based on a rich natural environment”.

"What concerns to human resources and existing facilities, there are doctors specialized in Natural and Traditional Medicine, as well as other professionals and technicians from related specialties, linked to research and use of these treatments in the medical care”.

  "In addition, the country's healthcare services network has Natural and Traditional Medicine consultations at the three levels of medical care."

 -What natural products do you classify as very attractive, novel and effective for promoting Cuban medical services?

  "Cuban natural products made by the industry, potentially those made by local medicine production centers that obtain certification of good practices by the Cuban regulatory authority, will undoubtedly be attractive, novel and effective”. 

  "Some products, such as Policosanol and medical equipment, for example, ozone generators for medical use (Ozomed-plus), both developed and marketed by the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC), have been exported to other markets, including countries such as Japan, South Korea and Australia”.

  "In addition, it is also possible to use therapeutic modalities related to Natural and Traditional Medicine, due to their impact on people's health and quality of life."

  Is Natural and Traditional Medicine in Cuba today recognized as other option for the scientific-technical development?

 -Currently, there is a Sector Program for Research on Natural and Traditional Medicine coordinated by the Ministry of Public Health, with more than 30 projects under implementation.

In another hand, BioCubaFarma coordinates within its priorities the Program for the Development of Natural Origin Products, which concludes the research and development processes of this type of medicines and nutritional supplements. 

In addition, universities, health institutions and other scientific centers are linked to the development of research in the field of Natural and Traditional Medicine, being medicinal plants and natural products the area of greatest interest in this regard.

Are there conditions for natural and traditional products to be a source of income and promote health tourism?

Are there conditions for natural and traditional products to be a source of income and promote health tourism? 

-Yes, but the possibilities in this regard should definitely continue to be strengthened. It is necessary to expand production capacities, improve the dissemination and presentation of these assortments (achieve packaging with a better image and finish result), as well as promote mechanisms for their commercialization.

Taken from Destino Salud

From nature, its greatest virtue
CSMC, S.A 6 July, 2023
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