On-line consultation: fast, secure, professional
Medical teleconsultation and real-time consultation make up a fast, safe and professional service that complements the broad offer of health tourism in Cuba. In an interview with Avances Médicos de Cuba, Dr. Iliana Reyes, head of International Sales at Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos (CSMC, S.A.), gives the details.
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On-line consultation: fast, secure, professional
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    Cuba can have the solution that thousands of people need, of having a professional and specialized opinion, in real time, regardless of geographical barriers and through a confidential and secure technological platform.

    In an interview with Avances Médicos de Cuba, Dr. Iliana Reyes, Head of International Sales of Comercializadora de Servicios Médicos (CSMC, S.A.), stressed the importance of the fact that the country is making the telemedicine service available to the foreign market, an opportunity that allows clients to have a first approach to the health problems that have treatment alternatives on the island.

    "If, before making the trip, the client wishes to know the possibilities of solution or improvement of a condition, he/she can request a teleconsultation that will help him/her to take the right decision. A multidisciplinary team analyzes the information and evaluates the best options for each client, thus offering a tailor-made service that makes it possible to learn about treatments, the length of a probable stay in the country, travel routes, immigration procedures, accommodation, use of drugs, hospital procedures, rehabilitation, facilities provided for patients and their companions and all the additional information required," she explained. 
     "Moreover, Dr. Reyes pointed out, it favors exchanges between the family doctor of the patient's country of origin and Cuban doctors in order to assess the potential of other therapies proven in Cuba, as in the case of products developed by scientific biotechnology centers".

    According to the CSMC, S.A. executive, the telemedicine service is also available to visitors who need this service and are in other provinces. "In this way, we provide them with all the information they need to organize their return through medical tourism".

    In order to improve this work, the entity has developed its own digital platform through which each interested party can self-manage his or her own medical appointment and choose the institution where he or she wishes to be treated, as well as having the link to access the specialist of his or her interest.
    According to the specialist, the use of this digital tool opens up the opportunity for those countries -especially in the Caribbean region- that have diagnostic centers to establish agreements between healthcare entities, which could lead to Cuba also becoming a recipient of medical research in the future, thus complementing the opinions of other hospitals around the world.

    For Iliana Reyes, "telemedicine also facilitates scientific, technical and academic exchange and the analysis of certain diseases, in addition to the re-consultation of treated patients, with the aim of avoiding the inconvenience of traveling long distances, and communication with family doctors, among other advantages". Finding answers and alternatives will always be the premise of an island that shares its medical expertise, technology and science with natural warmth.
              Telemedicine services

              - Tele-counseling: real-time video call service for planning the patient's/client's health journey, with advice from specialists from the Sales Center or another health unit.
              - Teleconsultation: real-time consultation to improve the patient's/client's health, allowing interactive communication between the patient and the physician at distance, complying with all privacy conditions.
              - Telediagnosis consultation: consists of the performance, transmission, interpretation and reading of complementary diagnostic tests, such as teleelectrocardiography, teleradiology, among others.

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              On-line consultation: fast, secure, professional
              CSMC, S.A 4 October, 2022
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